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18th April 2017Teachers return to school
9th April 2017Students return to school
20th April 2017
21st April 2017Heads
22nd April 2017
23rd April 2017
24th April
25th April 2017Cambridge Primary and Secondary Checkpoints
26th April 2017
27th April 2017Cambridge Primary and Secondary Checkpoints
28th April 2017Class photographs Year 6 and Year 11No Assembly
29th April 2017
30th April 2017
1st May 2017Career's morning/ Workers' Day (Year 5-11)
2nd MayAfter school activities start
3rd May 2017Future job Day
4th May 2017
5th May 2017A taste of secondaryYear 6
6th May 2017
7th May 2017
 8th May 2017Class photographs (EYFS - Year 4)
9th May 2017Class photographs (Year 5 - Year 10)
10th May 2017
11th May 2017
12th May 2017Work experience assemblyYear 9 and Year 10
13th May 2017
14th May 2017
15th May 2017
16th May 2017
17th May 2017
18th May 2017
19th May 2017Year 5
20th May 2017
21st May 2017
22nd May 2017
23rd May 2017
24th May 2017
24th May 2017
25th May 2017Midterm break
26th May 2017Midterm breakYear 8
27th May 2017Children's Day/Cool in the Pool
28th May 2017
29th May 2017Democracy Day
30th May 2017
31st May
1st June 2017Global Day of Parents
2nd June 2017Year 4
3rd June 2017
4th June 2017
5th JuneCambridge Progress tests (Years 3-6) English
6th June 2017Cambridge Progression tests (Years 3-6) Mathematics
7th June 2017Cambridge Progression tests (Years 3-6)
8th June 2017
9th June 2017Year 7
10th June 2017
11th June 2017
12th June 2017
13th June 2017
14th June 2017
15th June 2017
16th June 2017Year 11 GraduationNo Assembly
17th June 2017
18th June 2017
19th June 2017
20th June 2017
21st June 2017
22nd June 2017
23rd June 2017Year 6 GraduationYear 3
24th June 2017
25th June 2017
26th June 2017Eid al Fitr
27th June 2017End of term Examinations
28th June 2017End of term Examinations
29th June 2017End of term Examinations
30th June 2017End of term ExaminationsNo Assembly
1st July 2017
2nd July 2017
3rd July 2017End of term Examinations
4th July 2017
5th July 2017
6th July 2017Class parties/ Staff Appreciation Day
7th July 2017Final end of term assembly. Last day of school for students
8th July 2017
9th July 2017
10th July 2017
11th July 2017
12th July 2017End of term reports sent home 


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Norwegian International School is situated in Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers State, Nigeria. Port Harcourt is an industrial town, located in the southern part of Nigeria.

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