• Olanide Dare


    The School has helped to give Spencer a purpose and a sense of belonging. I have seen huge growth in his self- esteem.

  • John Okoro


    Great communication between teachers and parents. If you send an email teachers respond very quickly, even on weekends. Teachers are very willing to help out with a challenge a child may be having. For example, new shoes are a problem with our son, so we asked to send in the new shoes and the teachers helped our son put them on

  • John Lupez


    The teachers look for his potential and strengths and work on those so [our son] has a feeling of self-worth and confidence. They encourage him daily and make him feel cared for and loved. What more could a mother ask for.

  • Adedeji kelvin


    We saw an almost immediate change when our daughter began attending Foundation School. Her speech has vastly improved. Her ability to make friends and remember their names has been astonishing. The teachers are willing to use her interests to both teach and motivate.

  • Okoye Nkiru


    My daughter has blossomed since coming to The Foundation Middle School. She is able to take more responsibility for herself and has gained independence and a sense of belonging. She looks forward to school each school day and is eager to talk about what she has done.

  • Olaedo Udensi


    NIS was life-changing for me as a younger child. At NIS, I learnt the true importance of community, kindness, ambition, and discipline. The students’ kindness, as well as the teachers’ dedication inspired me everyday while I was there. I am now a university student navigating my first year at Barnard College of Columbia Univerisity in the United States and I still find myself applying many of the principles I learnt whilst at NIS in my everyday life. I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity I was given 15 years ago to be a part of the NIS family