By our 35th anniversary, we would have completed our second expansion project, our most ambitious till date. With this expansion, we would cater to a select number of children in a state of the art 21st century boarding facility that will truly feel like a second home to our students.

There has never been a better time to enrol your children at NIS. Don’t wait too long. Visit our website; send us an email; or give us a call to get started!



A registration fee is paid as a child enters NIS. The payment is only made once, and is valid for the duration of the child’s stay in school. Tuition Fees are payable annually or termly. Invoices detailing fees as due are sent to parents before the session starts. Details of current fees can be obtained from the school. There is also a comprehensive

Fee Policy available to parents and prospective parents on request.

Kindly contact the schools admissions office at